Sunday, March 15, 2009

Who is -- or what are -- Thunderflakes?

In a word, ME! And since this (dare I say it as a somewhat reformed Luddite?) B-b-b-b-blog is likely to be about anything, everything, music close to my heart, airplanes, trains, photography, travel, voice-over projects, Mewer (The World's Best Cat), serendipity, romance, favorite movies, curmudgeonly rants about people yapping at high decibel levels into their mobile phones in public places, and perhaps a wicked fantasy regarding Those-Who-Live-To-Text-or-Twitter-at-Inopportune-Times (Do I really need to know, or even care, what total strangers are doing this very moment?)...I just decided Confessions of an Airplane Lover, Intransigent Romantic, Why I Love My Cat, or Curmudgeon (even Cuddly-Curmudgeon, as I've been known) were, well, a bit limiting. (I promise you all subsequent sentences will be of manageable length!)

Now, about that Thunderflakes moniker...
I have a friend named Marge. We go back eons. Probably for many reasons. In no particular order: She was a fan of my radio programs...she is the kind of friend who pulls no punches...and she always manages to make me laugh at myself and my foibles. Plus, she's a damn fine travel consultant. But back to the old radio show. One day, in a universe far distant, I was doing my program on an afternoon of quite unsettled weather; as I recall, the only thing that wasn't going on outside was a blizzard of frogs.

Anyhow, I described what was going on as "Thunderflakes," which was quite accurate, inasmuch as the sun was out, but the sky to the west was dramatically leaden, big wet snowflakes were swirling about...and there was impressive thunder.

Marge found my neologism -- sheesh, I hate pretentious sounding words! -- Marge happened to be listening that day and found my made-up-word tickled her sense of humor. As I recall, she said something like, "It's so you!"

So, it kinda stuck, to where I'd sign my e-mails Thunderflakes. (OK, at least to her...)

And, I kinda like the sound of it as the name for a blog that can cover some wildly disparate subject matter.

And with that bit of "explanation," I welcome you to my naughty little blog. (Well, you never know, it might be...)


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