Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A fleeting (photo) moment in the rain...

...from a photographer's notebook

Some of my favorite photographs just happen to fall into that delightful "serendipitic surprise" category of those I hadn't planned to take. From previous postings, it's probably clear the kind of photographs I hope to make when in my beloved Alpine settings, but the vagaries of mountain weather always present opportunities and serve to remind this shooter not to stash those cameras too quickly. Case in point...

On my first visit to Innsbruck, expecting to capture vistas of the magnificent Austrian Alps looming just beyond the old town’s distinctive architecture and cobblestone streets, I was disappointed to find the mountains totally obscured by the clouds that insisted on dumping a soaking cold rain on the town.

While consoling myself with Innsbruck’s sinfully rich pastries, and warming my insides with her rich coffee brews, I did manage to walk off a few of the calories in the old town’s sheltered arcades…when suddenly, perfectly presented--for one fleeting moment--across the cobblestone gasse was a woman standing under her umbrella, framed in the doorway of a stately rose-colored building which led to an open courtyard, against which she was silhouetted.

Up came the Nikon with the high-speed color film and the 50-mm lens. No time for swapping lenses or alternate views with one of the other cameras. Unlike many of my images that were part and parcel of lengthy shooting, "Domplatz" was captured literally in the blink of an eye. It has been one of my more successful photographs in terms of juried honors, but more notably, in terms of what I’m so pleased to have been lucky enough to capture.

I am delighted that Howard Paine, former Art Director of the National Geographic (and the man responsible for introducing photography to that magazine's cover!) selected "Domplatz" for inclusion in the July exhibit at the Art League Gallery in Old Town Alexandria. (703-683-1780)

Domplatz is available in framed or matted prints in print sizes up to 16x24 (it is displayed as a 14x20 print in the Art League's July show). It will also be joining my line of custom printed Photo Note Cards.

©2010 Steve Ember

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Blogger alexa said...

I remain jealous. nicely done.

July 6, 2010 at 8:50 PM  

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