Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween - Reap responsibly!

...from a (spooky) photographer's notebook

In Piccadilly one night
A bit of a fright
But just for a moment, I s’pose

For rather than grim,
This Reaper was jolly
And happy to strike a pose

His smile was so toothy
His manner so bright
‘Til I took note of the hole in place of a nose!

I sought to escape
A Tube station was near
But “Believe it or not,”
As Ripley would say,
He started a dialog terribly queer…

He asked about f/stops
Depth of focus and such
And whether I shot film or digital

He spoke of a graveyard
He was planning to visit
After downing a pint at the pub
And queried me as to whether my flash
Could capture the swing of his club

I knew from the way this bizarre chat was heading
That elsewhere I should myself  hie
But in parting I said ‘taint a club, ‘tis a sickle
And be careful, dear lad, for my name’s Travis Bickle.

©2014 Steve Ember 

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Weellll.I don't where YOU were for a Halloween evening, but WE were in "downtown Naples" where they had blocked traffic from the "main drag",namely 5th Avenue S. ....and all manner of fun and noise was in progress ...the restaurants were doing a roaring business, and some patrons even withstood the noise and ate outside at the curb-side dining many of the restaurants offer "in season" (which is NOW!!) the weather really served up the best, as we have exited the heat-humidity summer time and really have the good stuff back again!
we learned along the way that the Bible did not see fit to accept any fun concerning contacting the dead, that the Celtic race probably got the whole thing going and we discovered the source of "trick-or-treat" ,,but then, who can't Google these things these days!
Your Naples Correspondent

October 31, 2014 at 6:28 PM  

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