Sunday, October 6, 2013

A new note card in time for the holidays...

    ...from a photographer's notebook

It's a scene likely to play out as long as steam locomotives, little boys, little girls, and their parents cohabit the planet...and one I know I shall never tire of capturing.

Once upon a time, Pacific-Class locomotive 1238 pulled excursion trains on the Allegheny Central Railroad, over former Western Maryland Railway tracks from Cumberland to Frostburg in western Maryland.

If she looks familiar, it may be because you saw her in the BBC mini series "Nancy" chronicling the life of Nancy Astor.

The desire to illustrate an earlier post (about diesels "dreaming" of their iron horse forebears) sent me on a search through boxes of long-unviewed slides. While this one was not the one I ended up using in the story, I found it charming in its own very special way, and decided to work it up as a new card design.

"Wonderment" - available singly and in boxes of 10 - will be custom printed to order. If you'd like to reserve a box, or order a single card, please be in touch at emberphoto(at)hotmail(dot)com.

©2013 Steve Ember


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