Sunday, July 18, 2010

Rush Street, 2 AM

...from a photographer's notebook

Usually, looking through my photographs makes me smile, as it brings recollections of favorite places, fondly remembered travel experiences, or the quiet joy of capturing a very special work of nature.

But sometimes a photo gets made simply because it’s “there” and, through the photographer’s eye and sensibilities, it can’t not get made.

Such was the case one late night in Chicago in the middle 1980’s. I was walking back to my hotel after a late dinner and some jazz along Rush Street.

Fortunately, there was still some high speed fim in my camera from some shooting earlier that night, which allowed me to capture this fleeting but, to me, very poignant “nightscape.”

© 2010 Steve Ember

Rush Street, 2 AM, from an Ektachrome transparency, is available in matted and framed prints in various sizes and will be joining my line of Photo Note Cards.

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