Thursday, August 5, 2010

Those Summers on the River...

...from a photographer's notebook

I often write of the “musical soundtracks” that play in my mind's ear as I am out and about with the cameras. Not sure I remember what was on the “Grey-Matter Victrola” on this perfect afternoon in September 1999, as I paused in Chase, British Columbia for a photo-and-refreshment break on the way to Moraine Lake in my beloved Canadian Rockies. I do recall a tape mix I had made for this trip, which included Melissa Manchester singing “The Gypsy in My Soul” and Chicago doing “Saturday in the Park.” Both would have fit nicely with my free spirit and the location, as I pulled over, appropriately enough in a lovely parkland setting along the South Thompson River. 

As I've written elsewhere, the slides from that afternoon, including the little girls under the sun awning of the grocery store [See “Best Friends” in the July posts] would have to wait patiently in their yellow and green boxes in a dark drawer...for ten years...before being scanned and re-discovered.

I like the slide, taken on high-saturation Ektachrome EBX, but it suggested another sort of treatment. 

And so I summoned my Digtal Genie out of her bottle very late last night and said, “Genie, my Dear, do you ever feel warmly nostalgic?”

And, speaking of a musical soundtrack, how about Eddie Heywood's wonderful piano trio recording of “Soft Summer Breeze?” Or perhaps Pat Boone and “Love Letters in the Sand”...or maybe Gogi Grant and “The Wayward Wind.” 

A soft summer breeze on the river...the scent of pine trees in the warm late afternoon sunshine...a double-dipped ice cream cone (with sprinkles) from the neighborhood grocer...a cookout later that afternoon...and no texting, twitter-ing, or video games. 

I'm there. 

Hope you can join me for a spell. 

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©2010 Steve Ember


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