Monday, January 16, 2012

A Calendar for Procrastinators...

   ...from a photographer's notebook

Sample image from "Photographically Yours, 2012"  ©Steve Ember

At last, a photo wall calendar for the rest of us!

You know, those who don’t finish their Christmas shopping eight weeks before Thanksgiving…

So, fess up, now. Did you procrastinate in purchasing your 2012 wall calendar? Are you still looking at December on your ratty old 2011 calendar and trying to interpolate what today's date really might be?  If so (and who really cares about January anyway, except your credit card company?) please consider supporting your humble photog (whose new calendar should appear by the time you've paid your January bills).

By then, you'll be needing something to look at and smile.

My “Photographically Yours, 2012” wall calendar is printed on premium high-gloss card stock, not that flimsy paper you might be used to in commercial calendars, with a sturdy spiral binding.

It features some of my finest Alpine landscapes, including from Kodachromes shot while that iconic film could still be processed!  There is a new London Nightscape, and even a rainy evening “Dreamscape” for April.  On this side of the Pond, there are Washington scenes, including last year’s “Super Moon” rising above a stunning Potomac panorama comprising the Capitol, the Washington Monument, and the Lincoln Memorial.

And what else might you expect from your faithful photographer? Trains? Airplanes? Oh, yes, they’re there, too. Plus some hot air balloons. Hardest task was choosing only twelve images, but I think you’ll like the variety.

Naturally, the “Photographically Yours, 2012” Wall Calendar is offered at a discount, considering it will most likely not adorn your “waiting” wall until the end of January. I’d originally planned to offer this calendar for $20 plus shipping. I can not make ridiculous 50% “clearance” offers like the big guys, as the calendar is not produced in those huge quantities - I believe we call it a "cottage industry." But, for $15.95 plus modest shipping, it can be yours well before it’s time to reluctantly leave January’s German winter landscape for February’s Washington nightscape!

To order your “Photographically Yours, 2012” calendar, plus any additional copies for your procrastinating pals, please contact me at

©2012 Steve Ember


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