Friday, July 4, 2014

Bunny Beats Last Bass Drum

           ...from a photographer's notebook

Detail from "Anybody Seen My Drum?" - Tribeca Moment No.11

Sometimes, “enough is bloody well enough,” according to an unidentified spokesperson representing the vigilante group Tribeca Citizens Against Noise Pollution.

After several weeks of complaints to the NYPD over a rhythmic low frequency thumping in the neighborhood at 3 AM, irate citizens, determining the racket was not coming from a disco or underground sewer gas explosions, focused their attention on a short stretch of White Street between Church St and Broadway.

Surveillance equipment recorded the unlikely sight of the Energizer Bunny beating a large bass drum as he walked repeatedly up and down the deserted street, from Church to Broadway.

When police detectives assigned to the case dismissed the video as “some kinda geeky YouTube hoax,”  TCANP vigilantes apparently took matters into their own hands.

On the afternoon of June 23, a visiting photographer, looking upward at architectural detail along White St, captured the grisly sight of the bunny hanging from a sign pole, drum beater still clutched in his left paw.

No trace was found of the bass drum, but area merchants reported anonymous notes slipped under their doors warning them not to sell Energizer-brand batteries.

©2014 Steve Ember

If you'd like to see the full image, including the Photo Note Card design click here.

My growing series of "Tribeca Moments," as well as other NYC images can be found in my New York City folder on Foto-Community.

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