Wednesday, August 13, 2014

New Super-Heroes for Gotham City

...from a photographer's notebook

Detail from "Tribeca Dreamscape No.1 - Warp Speed" ©2014 Steve Ember    See it in higher definition here

Gotham City, 2 AM.

Move over, Batman, Spiderman, and all you other overexposed superheroes - you’ve had your day (and your night!)…

Marty McFly and Doc are back. They've moved to New York, and they’re ready to reclaim their rightful place in the Pantheon.

Marty has opened a trendy boutique on Duane Street called Mondo DeLorean.

But that’s just a  respectable  front, ‘cause Doc has set up shop in a garage in a rundown section of Queens, where he’s clandestinely giving new life to decommissioned Crown Victoria taxi cabs and other “Detroit Iron.” 
As he streaked by on Church Street at 2 AM, in tight formation with Marty (in the black car) he could be heard shouting maniacally “Suck my wind, you little rattletrap boxmobiles!”

Quick – call Alan Silvestri and Robert Zemeckis – I sniff a revival of the franchise in the Lower Manhattan night air, and it smells like…jet fuel!

Tribeca Dreamscape No.1 - Warp Speed, inspired by some recent night shooting in Tribeca, is available in archival pigment gallery prints and as a custom printed note card (Scratch 'n Sniff Jet Fuel Patch optional). For details, please be in touch at the e-mail address at the right.

©2014 Steve Ember

 Enjoy a great soundtrack for this image!

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Wieder einmal eine gelungene Geschichte mit Bild das überzeugt
auch die vertonung mit Hintergrund der Kapelle Oberalp war der Hit. ich habe es sofort Unserem Kapellmeister geschickt. Er grüsst dich freundlich und ist begeistert von deiner Arbeit
a liaba gruass beatrice

August 14, 2014 at 12:52 AM  

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