Monday, September 22, 2014

Hello, Autumn - Time to pack a camera bag (or three)

"A Country Lane" - Early Autumn Impression from an Ektachrome original.

It's about an hour into autumn.

I love it when a new season debuts with its weather "in sync" - especially when it is my very favorite season of the year.

That was definitely the case here in the eastern U.S.  Great to awaken this morning to all that nice low humidity sunshine arriving well in time for the autumnal equinox at 10:29 PM...and to know it will be in place for the next several days at least.

Guess you can imagine what I'll be up to.

Ah yes...

The cameras are there on their neat little beds
And visions of Fujichrome dance in their heads
Not to mention the Tri-X, T-Max, Adox, and Foma
For I dearly love that black and white "aroma"
Here, a Canon loaded with Infrared
There, a Nikon with slide film instead
A new roll of Ilford in the Contax G2
While little brother the G1 cries "Wait a minute. Me, too!"
So it's open the freezer, and load him I do.

There they sit on a big old shelf, but my belt feels empty, so I reach for the Elph
For, as much as I love those film cameras dandy
A digital point-and-shoot might come in handy
And speaking of digital, to the car I can't shag
Without the D-SLR in my over-stuffed bag.

Then come the lenses, which ones shall I choose?
And film is a quandary - which types will I use?
And filters, adapter rings, cable releases
I do hope my bags will hold all these pieces
And then there's the lens wipes, and batteries, and such
And a tripod can be an indispensable crutch
So out to the car I stagger and stumble
The weight of one pack has caused me to grumble.

But when I get where I'm going and take in the view
It somehow seems worth all the packing I do.

Here's wishing you a golden autumn! 

And if you have a moment, I'd love for you to stop by and view my photos.
They're a wee bit better than my poetry ;-)  

©2014 Steve Ember

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