Sunday, December 9, 2012

CHUFF, Hummm, and Rumble-Grumble

...this year the Calendar-Design Team at Mewer Manor does TRAINS!

Cover of 2013 Chuff, Hummm, and Rumble-Grumble Calendar                    ©Steve Ember

It's CHUFF, Hummm, and Rumble-Grumble...

...and it can adorn your wall, your cubicle, or your locomotive repair shop. Printed on heavy gauge glossy stock and spiral bound to be as pleasing on the eyes as a Raymond Loewy designed GG1 in its prime, as durable (well, almost) as the Rhätische Bahn's Albula No.107 steam locomotive...

Each month adorned with a photo of a different locomotive or train in color or classic black and white, trains by day in scenic settings, trains by night, cloaked in mystery, even some "Dreamscape" impressions (for example)...

Each page has its own Scratch 'n' Sniff patch, so you can get high on coal smoke, essence of warm  traction motors, or fragrant diesel exhaust in the autumn air. 

OK, just kidding, but it'll be a feast for all your other senses.

CHUFF, Hummm, and Rumble-Grumble is now available. It measures 17 x 8.5 inches open. Each photo + narrative panel measures 8.5 x 11. It is printed on very heavy high-gloss stock, which vibrantly reproduces the photos. Indeed, after the calendar has served its initial purposes, you may wish to save some of your favorite images.

Here's a sample page (January).

Here's a sample of comments received on the calendar:

Your calendar just arrived in the mail. . . A first class job!!. . . great photos! great captions! It was a lot of work I'm sure, but well worth the effort. - N.M., Maryland 

Calendar arrived yesterday in fine form.  I've enjoyed looking through it, twice now, from beginning to end.  I love lots of them, particularly the snowy Miss December but June has really stolen my heart.  But then, April is so enticing, and  September so intriguing.  Well, I love the calendar.  Thanks! - M.L., California

Want one for your very own wall, or for a train-loving friend? As this remains a "cottage industry" and production is therefore limited, I can not offer you those fantastic procrastinators' 50% off promotions...but since the January page will be a few days "late," I am offering a limited supply of the calendars at the reduced price of $17.95 plus actual postage to your waiting wall. 

To order yours, please be in touch.

P.S: If you're wondering about the reference up top to the Calendar-Design Team at Mewer Manor...well, the two-legged guy with opposable thumbs goes out and takes the photos, writes the narratives, and does the photo selection and editing. 

The handsome furry fellow attentively assists and supervises the production process.

©2012 Steve Ember

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