Monday, October 7, 2013

A New Dreamscape, gov'

    ...from a photographer's notebook

While in London last November, I explored with, great relish, the south London borough of Southwark. Perhaps you've seen some of my "literal" images on my Foto-Community pages or in my recent exhibit at Piola.

But my "darker side" led me to summon my Digital Genie from her bottle late one night and "Southwark Dreamscape No.1 - The Rose & Crown" was the result.

It will be available (without the black border) as a custom printed note card, singly and in boxes of ten) and in archival giclée gallery prints. The cards will be printed on Museo art stock and I am now taking orders for delivery in time for the Holidays. If you'd like to see it in higher definition, please follow this link to its page on Foto-Community. While there, you may sample my "literal London" images by navigating the London folder.


©2013 Steve Ember

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