Monday, May 21, 2012

Imagined thoughts on an airport evening...

...from a photographer's notebook

"Imagined Thoughts on an Airport Evening"                                 Photo & Card Design  ©2000/2012 Steve Ember

Incredible but true... 

This year, I shall not spring a new series of Photo Note Cards on you just when all the organized ones among us have smugly completed their Holiday shopping weeks before Thanksgiving...

And this will be a very special series, encompassing some of my favorite Alpine motifs, including Matterhorn and Gornergrat images from some perfect days (and starry nights!) at 10,000 feet last October, some of those late night collaborations with the "Digital Genie," and some smile-makers as well.

Custom 5x7 (and larger) sizes...lovely card stocks (yes, the plural is intended)...

The cards are individually printed to order, with close attention to faithful reproduction of the original image.  A narrative relating to the image or the experience of capturing it appears on the back of each card.

As each design is finalized, it will be featured in this space. If you are a client or have expressed interest in my images, you'll receive an e-mail link to each new announcement.

Also, for the first time, the larger cards (5x7 and up) will be available individually.

Another "enhancement" to the product line - If you have followed my work on the Foto-Community web site and would like to see a particular image offered as a Photo Note Card, please be in touch, and I'll try to oblige.

Oh, yes, the image above has a story...
But first, I should probably mention, this photo might seem a "departure" from the typical tack-sharp Alpine landscape or similar motif I've offered as a Note Card (see bottom of this post). But I've been told it has a gentle sort of charm, and just to be a mite unpredictable, I decided to put it out there ;-)

On a few summer evenings in 2000, I was shooting a favorite subject, airliners on final approach to Ronald Reagan Washington National Airport, from Gravelly Point. The late day weather conditions had been unstable, resulting in some pretty spectacular after-storm sunsets against which to capture such iconic forms as that of the 727-200 (at the time, still a frequent presence at DCA) in silhouette, as they thundered overhead on their way to touching down on Runway-19.

But there were also opportunities, when the winds changed direction, to catch airliners as they lifted off Runway-01 and blasted overhead before banking left and heading up the Potomac.

"You May Be Bigger..." Card Front                                                                        Photo + Design ©2000/2012 Steve Ember   

I had to admire the little bird's intrepid "nonchalance" on his perch as airliners roared overhead. He seemed to be saying to the big metal "birds" above, "You may be bigger...and faster...and noisier than me, but you don't scare me one little bit!"

"You May Be Bigger..." - the first in my new series of  5 x 7" (folded dimensions) Photo Note Cards - is now available. It is custom printed to order, on your choice of glossy or matte white heavy card stock. The inside of the card is blank. The back is reproduced below.

"You May Be Bigger..." Card Back                                                                                      T

Single cards are available, with white envelope, in clear sleeve for $4.95 plus actual postage. Or you may order ten cards with envelopes in a transparent lid gift box for $30 plus postage. To order, or for more information, please be in touch.

And a preview...

From a splendid autumn afternoon at 10,000 feet in Switzerland's Valais Alps, here's a sneak peak at the "Gornergrat Glacier" Photo Note Card, coming in June, but accepting orders now.

"Gornergrat Glacier" Photo Note Card                                                        Photo & Design ©2011/2012 Steve Ember

Till next time, Cheerio and Tschüss ... from the Card Design Team at Mewer Manor.

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