Saturday, October 12, 2013

Sänk ju for träweling wis Deutsche Bahn!

   ...from a photographer's notebook

Disclaimer: In several visits to Germany, I personally have never had less than a first-rate experience while traveling on Deutsche Bahn trains, whether ICE, EC, or Regionals. And that goes for courtesy of crews and condition of equipment.

But, in going through some images taken in the Frankfurt Hauptbahnhof upon arrival on an ICE from Interlaken in 2011, this photo just somehow hit the irreverent button.

Most good humor starts out with a nugget or two of fact. All railroads that carry passengers can, and will, have their run of misfortunes. And, true, I do not ride D-B on my daily commute.

One may also say, “We kid because we love.”

And with that bit of explanation, may I share with you something deliciously wicked ;-)

Ladies und Chentlemen, aus Deutschland, Wise Guys! See their live performance in second video.

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